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 Backflow Prevention Services

Our mission is to promote health and safety by ensuring the potable water environment is protected from hazards that could contaminate the distribution water and our customer's water.

Best Backflow Services in Las Vegas

Backflow Prevention offers the best backflow services in Las Vegas since 1992. As the leading company in the industry, we offer a full range of backflow testing services for customers throughout the area.

Experience Matters

Water is a precious resource in Clark County, and backflow can lead to dangerous contamination and excessive repair costs. While the equipment has evolved and advanced during our time in this market, backflow is still a concern for clients of all sizes.

Backflow Prevention has consistently stayed at the forefront of innovation and inspection during a time of tremendous growth here in Vegas. Make the call to our backflow technician in Las Vegas and get regular inspections that keep you ahead of any trouble that may be brewing.

Clean and Compliant

We know the regulations and requirements of backflow modernization and testing to ensure our clients don’t have to guess their way through the process. Our attention to detail makes a difference when it comes to both residential and commercial clients.

Your time is important, and your money is valuable. That is why we make efficiency a priority when it comes to everything we do. Contaminated drinking water can ruin your reputation as a business, so it makes sense to hire a group with the experience, training, and resources needed for any sized project.

The detailed inspections we provide keep you ahead of any potential problem. Our approach gets results, and our clients save money in the process. That is why we have remained the best in this market during our time in business. Our approach works, and we’re ready to help you maintain compliance with all regulations

Our professionals are proud to provide continuing education on new backflow assemblies, troubleshooting, and industrial maintenance. From comprehensive repairs to emergency backflow services in Las Vegas, our team of licensed professionals is fully equipped to meet your backflow needs.

We strive to consistently serve our customers within 1-2 business days, including full cross-connection control surveys designed around state requirements. Contact us now to get help from a family-owned backflow prevention business with over 40 years of industry experience.

Above Grade Water Backflow Prevention Assembly

About Us

From our technicians to our owner, Max, every member of our team has a full understanding of the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and all the state requirements needed to maintain backflow certification for our clients. From required annual testing to targeted repairs, we proudly serve a wide range of commercial and industrial clients throughout the southern Nevada area. Reach out to us now for services for all sizes, makes, and models of backflow testing assemblies, including backflow testing for health departments.


  • American Water Work Association Backflow Certified General Tester
  • Cross Connection Control Survey Specialist.
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