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Backflow Prevention Services for Nevada Properties from the Best in the Business

Water is essential everywhere, but especially so in a hot and dry desert like Nevada. The last thing you want is for what water you do have to become contaminated and make you—or your family or customers—really sick. We perform backflow prevention services in Nevada that are designed to help you avoid this fate, as well as the excessive repair costs that come with it. Backflow is when non-drinkable water flows backward into the drinkable supply instead of going where it’s supposed to, which can be dangerous for the people who depend on this supply.

The Hydraulics of Backflow

When you turn on the tap and clean water comes out, you are not thinking about whether its contaminated. It is a reasonable expectation to believe your water is free of hazards. Foul water can pollute the potable water lines when the pressure changes in your pipes. Contaminants in your water supply are a danger to your health, and if you suspect your water is affected, call for water testing right away.

Potable water that comes into your home or business should only travel one way. The direction of travel relies on pressure from the water to prevent it from reversing. Backflow management services offer practical solutions to stop water from running backward.

Backflow can occur because of back pressure or back siphonage. Back pressure is higher pressure in the system than the supply. Back siphonage occurs when the pressure is lower than that of the system. Both result in the flow dropping or reversing.

Backflow management services offer several preventative measures, like check valves and air gaps, to ensure neither of these events occur. Once in place, you can feel confident that your water supply will remain clean and clear, regardless of any changes in pressure.

Your Local Specialists

Our family-owned local business is the leading company throughout the state with more than 40 years of experience. Each of our backflow technicians is a fully licensed professional with in-depth knowledge of testing regulations. Backflow Prevention Services Inc. keeps up with the industry and technology to bring the best service possible to both residential and commercial customers. A preventive inspection from us saves you money and helps keep your home or business healthy for everyone involved. Just contact us to schedule an inspection and protect your most precious resource.

Answering Your Questions About Backflow Prevention

While it’s normal not to give your plumbing system much thought, you will likely have questions if you start to experience issues. Here we’ve covered a few of the common ones:

What Are the Signs of a Backflow Problem?

Three typical signs of backflow problems include unusual smells in the bathroom, the water flowing more slowly than usual, or the water turning varying shades of yellow or brown.

How Do You Prevent Backflow?

The simplest way to prevent backflow is to install an air gap in the plumbing line. This is something that most plumbing services can do or a backflow prevention specialist.

Is There Anything a Homeowner Can Do to Prevent Backflow?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much a homeowner can do to stop backflow from occurring. The best defense is to get the opinion of a plumber who will determine if your home is at risk.

Can My Regular Plumber Fix the Problem?

Although standard plumbing services can provide backflow prevention measures, it’s best to call a specialist in some cases. They can quickly pinpoint any problems and deliver the solutions you need to put your mind at ease.

Call today for more information on backflow prevention and to protect your house from contaminated water.