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Our Professional Plumbing Services Protect Las Vegas’ People and Potable Water

For the sake of safety and hygiene, every business needs a functioning plumbing and backflow system serviced by industry experts. Backflow Prevention Services makes this easy by providing professional plumbing services in Las Vegas that cover everything necessary for optimal workplace conditions. The work that we do protects your drinking water from becoming contaminated and follows all state requirements. Service is available for commercial and industrial clients of all sizes and verticals. Call us as soon as you start to notice a problem, and we’ll be right over to make everything flow in the right direction.

What Is Backflow?

Backflow is the reversal of normal water flow by a sudden change in water pressure. Your home or business is most at risk wherever a cross-connection exists, for example, between your home and the public water supply. If you’re not sure you have backflow prevention, talk to our plumbing professionals. We can assess your system, determine the risk, and complete the installation to mitigate the possibility of contamination.

In the best case, backflow is potable water running backward in your plumbing system. In the worst case, the wastewater from a home or business backs into the potable water supply. If that’s not enough reason to consider installing backflow prevention for your property, it should be. The consequences of waste contaminating your potable water can be severe. Untreated water waste is essentially sewage and a breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens.

Plumbing professionals design your system to function under optimal circumstances, but it’s best to have a failsafe when things go wrong. There’s nothing like peace of mind, and backflow prevention is just one more way you can sleep soundly. Call our team today to discuss installing a system that could save you a lot of headaches and concerns about the safety of your potable water supply.

Your Backflow Installation Specialists

You can count on our plumbing service professionals to get any job done in just a day or two. With more than 28 years in business and over 40 years of experience, the licensed professionals at Backflow Prevention Services can confidently take on any task. We can do the required annual testing to ensure your system is working well and offer repairs and emergency backflow services when needed. Bringing us in early reduces the risk of drinking water becoming contaminated, which protects employees from getting sick and safeguards you from the legal liability.

Why You Should Think About Backflow Prevention

Backflow is always bad news. Whether it comes in the form of backflow siphonage or backpressure backflow, a situation where non-potable water is streaming back into the usable water supply is a potentially serious health situation. There is a higher chance of a flow reversal when the pressure in your hoses changes for reasons like pipes freezing, a water main bursting, or multiple fire hydrants opened at once.

To prevent this undesirable event and backflow repair costs in Las Vegas, a backflow prevention device is required, in addition to annual checkups. Backflow testing is a crucial part of the annual maintenance that you should undertake for your business. A backflow prevention device should be inspected annually, so partner with a team of backflow trained and licensed professionals with extensive experience like Backflow Prevention Services Inc.

The cost of having your backflow preventer inspected varies; however, prevention costs are far less than backflow repair costs. An inspection ensures you’re at low risk of contaminants from animal feces, pesticides, and fertilizers getting into your drinking water, so it’s critical to choose with a trusted and experienced company. For more information about our backflow prevention inspection services, contact us today.